Non Engineering Design and evaluation within Solidworks

Design-for-Manufacturing consulting

We evaluate your part and the ordering conditions. We can then make recommendations on what potential revisions could save production costs.

Cost Estimating

We can provide budgeting numbers for parts and projects per fair market value costs for current material and manufacturing time.

Blueprint Creation and Updating

We can be your source for creating and updating your blueprints, provide manufacturing files, and solid models.

Project Management

Monarch manages all aspects of production so your staff can concentrate on its in house operations

Reverse Engineering

Monarch can design from an existing part or create parts from assemblies. We would prototype with additive, generate blueprints, then manufacturing.

Additive (3d) Manufacturing

From Polymers to Metals, we can help you select the best process and material for your prototype or end use component.

Prototype and Production

We can handle low volume large, multi-release production lots.

Fabrication and Machining

Our supplier database is expansive with many fabricators and small to large scale machining facilities.


Third party verification through manual measurement to digital inspection.

Plating and Finishing

Chemical Conversion, Anodizing, Zinc Plating and Embrittlement Bake, Black Oxide, Electroless Nickle, Passivation, Blasting, Paint, Powdercoat, CARC.


Kitting, Packaging, BOM verification.